WTF Is LARPing Anyway?

LARP stands for Live Action Role-Playing but what is it and how did it start? Larp is a form of role-playing where participants act out their characters’ actions and portray characters in a fictional setting and improvise their speech and movement. 

Typically player actions in the real world represent character actions in an imaginary setting, however, no one LARP follows the same rules and regulations as another. Instead, arrangers called gamemasters determine the rules and setting.


A LARP could be a one-off game, or a series in the same setting. The length of a LARP may last from hours to days and the number of players could range from a few to thousands.

LARP is rooted in tabletop role-playing games and the desire to physically experience them. The first recorded LARP group is “dagorhir” and was founded in 1977. Now LARPs take place all over the world. 




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