Think Your Last Attempt At Cosplay Was Good? Think Again

This woman can make herself look identical to iconic characters. Her name is Alyson Tabbitha.

With makeup and styling, she can transform herself into just about anyone. From Wonder Woman to Captain Jack Sparrow, Padme to Widow Maker, Kim Boggs to Edward Scissorhands, she can replicate them all!


It isn’t just the looks that Alyson Tabbitha spends hours perfecting. She really commits to her characters, paying attention to even the smallest details.


Unsurprisingly, her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. With 460K followers on Instagram, 300K followers on Facebook, 100K followers on YouTube and 24K followers on Twitter, she’s amassed a huge online fanbase.


It’s easy to see why she’s so popular. She must be the most committed cosplayer in history. Next time you’re at a comic con, look for the best costume in the room, and it’ll be her.

It’s crazy to believe they’re all the same person!