This Guy Was Struck By Lightning 4 Times. He Survived The First 3.

This man might be the unluckiest person in history. Major Summerford was struck by lightning 4 times. Even after dying, he got hit by a bolt.


Major Summerford was a British cavalry officer during the First World War. One day during battle, as Summerford rode his horse across the field, he was struck by lightning. The horse was killed, and Summerford was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.


After the war, Major Summerford moved to Vancouver, Canada where he took up fishing. One day in 1924,  while fishing on the riverbank, the tree that he was leaning against was struck by lightning, which resulted in his being paralyzed down one side of his body

Luckily, Summerford recovered, but in 1930, while out on a walk, he was struck by lightning and permanently paralyzed. He died in 1932, but 4 years later, a bolt of lightning smashed into his tombstone, which caused it to shatter.

Talk about unlucky.