UPS Drivers Have A Secret Facebook Group. What It’s About Is Incredible!

UPS drivers have a Facebook group about the dogs on their route, and it’s amazing. It turns out thousands of UPS drivers across the globe have been fostering unique relationships with dogs for years. Now, they’re sharing them with the world.

UPS Dogs, the group, pays tribute to the furry friends postal workers meet on their routes. Workers from across the U.S. post photos and videos of the dogs that make their workdays a little better.

Some of the postal workers have known the dogs for years and have well-established treat exchange systems. The dogs even help out with postal deliveries sometimes.


As you may imagine, the group is highly popular, with almost 800,000 people following. Updates come from all over the world and regularly gain tens of thousands of likes and other reactions.

The posts can be surprisingly heartfelt. A recent post discusses how one Mike Edwards, a UPS driver in Brookline, Massachusetts, had been bitten by a dog. The post then discusses Mike’s recovery process and how the turned into a dog lover himself. The post has made an impact, being shared over 6.2k times in just 8 hours.  

And it’s not just dogs that love UPS. Other animals appear in the group, ranging from the everyday to the more unusual, such as cats, goats, pigs, deer and opossums.


UPS dogs has been running since 2013. In this time, they’ve documented thousands of heartfelt moments from across the world. They also recently started an Instagram account, with similar content. You can follow their Instagram here.

There’s no shortage of dog related content on the internet. UPS Dogs, however, maybe the best source out there.

While UPS can be annoying to use at times, it’s great to know that their hard working employees are brightening up everyone’s day.

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