How The Clown From It And The Babadook Became LGBT Icons

It and The Babadook are regarded as some of the scariest movies of recent years. However, a considerable online community is also stating that the monsters from both films are not only LGBT but are in fact a couple.

It all started in the summer of 2016, when people noticed that The Babadook was categorized as an LGBTQ movie on Netflix. It may have been an accident, but people got on board with the idea. People actually started to justify the Babadook’s status as a gay character. Some viewed him as an individual who just wants to come out of the darkness and into the light to be seen. Others looked to his fashion staples of a black overcoat and chic top hat as justifications of his out loud and proud status.

People even dressed up as the Babadook at gay pride marches in 2017. Babadook costumes were so widespread at the marches that Twitter even made a “moment” about it. Even more, people began to speculate that he was dating the Bye Bye Man, aka the Bi Bi Man.

But the internet has decided to pair The Babadook with a new gay horror villain… Pennywise from It.

But when did Pennywise become a gay icon?

Twitter user @starkrhodey made the claim that Pennywise was an LGBTQ ally, which inspired a Republican Twitter user to slide into @starkrhodey’s DMs and demand that the tweet be taken down. Apparently, Republicans are really identifying with murder clowns these days.

But Pennywise as gay isn’t too surprising, seeing as he is played by Tim Curry, who is also the LGBTQ icon Dr. Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also, two contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sharon Needles and Morgan McMichaels, have even performed as Pennywise.

The actual union of The Babadook and Pennywise happened when Twitter user @kumivenarts posted a drawing of them as a gay couple. The post went viral, and the rest is history.
Hopefully they don’t break up, because this couple slays… literally.