This Dye Gives You Unicorn Hair Without Having To Use Bleach

Unicorn Hair is bold dye that shows up even on dark hair. It was created by vegan cosmetics company Lime Crime. Past Unicorn Hair shades only showed up on bleached hair. But the new line requires no lightening and reportedly fades naturally, without any weird tones along the way.

Shades include chestnut, squid, sea witch and charcoal and many more options. It’s as easy to apply as any other hair dye. Just place it in your hair for 30 minutes, with no heat/cap needed. For tints, it must be left in for 45 minutes. This is clearly a highly convenient way to dye hair.

It was formulated specifically with brunettes in mind. Lime Crime spent three years working on the formula. Their stated mission is “to revolutionize makeup.” It certainly looks like they’ve achieved that goal with their latest product.


Lime Crime was founded and is owned by Doe Deere. The Lime Crime website states that Doe launched the company two weeks before Halloween in 2008. Since the initial launch, Lime Crime has produced an ever increasing range of products, including Unicorn lipsticks, eyeshadow, highlighter and nails. Will you try any of these?

Unsurprisingly, Unicorn Dye and Lime Crime have been featured in a wide range of press platforms, such as Allure Magazine, US Weekly, People Magazine, Popsugar, Seventeen and more.


The Unicorn Hair dye for dark hair released on Tuesday October 24. The line has been greeted with a range of rave reviews, with many praising the product for eliminating a harmful and time consuming hair dying step for brunettes.

Know any Brunettes who would love this item for the holidays? Lime Crime’s gift store is now open with a range of great options.

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