Cute Animals That Are Surprisingly Violent

These cute animals have a violent dark side. While undeniably adorable, if you ever see one of the following creatures in the outdoors, be sure to give them a wide berth. Some of the ways that these animals act may seem shocking, but remember, it’s all just a part of nature. They’re all acting on their instincts and are doing what their evolutionary genes have taught them.


Beavers have razor sharp teeth that have cut through people’s major arteries and resulted in death. They are very territorial and are known to attack if you go near their dams. While beaver attacks are rare, they have become more common in recent years.


Koalas sometimes fight among each other, but they’ve also been known to attack humans, like Mary Anne Forster, an Australian woman who suffered a vicious koala bite while she walked her dogs. In this terrifying incident, her dogs pulled her toward a tree, where a nearby koala was resting. Then, the koala struck out at Forster’s leg, biting it savagely. It wouldn’t let go, so Forster had to pry its mouth apart with her hands. Forster was fine but had to go to hospital to receive 12 stitches.


Dolphin on dolphin violence has been documented since the ‘90s when researchers discovered that male dolphins were killing their babies.

Dolphins sexually assaulting swimmers have also been reported. Additionally, a 2014 account of a dolphin attack in Ireland tells of how an unlucky swimmer was left with 6 spinal fractures, three broken ribs and a damaged lung.


While they don’t eat meat, Hippos kill nearly 3,000 people each year. They can weigh up to 10,000 pounds, but they aren’t slow. And their teeth aren’t anything you’d want to get between.

So remember, give wild animals their space