These Pimple Cupcakes Look Disgusting But Are Actually Delicious

Would you eat a pimple cupcake? The gross looking treats were made by Blessed By Baking in California. Their heads are actually squeezable, which looks disgusting but is supposedly delicious. It’s most likely made out of custard, which is much more palatable than zit puss.

They were actually made for Dr. Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, who is known for her zit busting abilities. Dr. Lee has become famous thanks in part to her social media pages, which showcase her doing what she does best. On YouTube alone, she has gained over 3 million subscribers, and her videos have gained up to 36 million views each.    

The bakery is run by Rachael Sanchez, who also works for Dr. Lee. Sanchez. She reportedly made the cupcakes for a “pimple popper potluck.” Sanchez doesn’t currently ship the cupcakes, but you can buy them locally.

The cakes themselves have become huge online hits. The Dr. Pimple Popper Instagram page posted a video of the cakes in squeezing action, which has, to date, gained over 1.7 million views. Additionally, they have secured some incredible media coverage. They’ve been featured in Thrillist, Metro and on Perez Hilton even describes Blessed By Baking as “disgusting geniuses,” which is a highly unique endorsement!

Blessed By Baking appears to be following on with its disgusting yet delicious theme. For Halloween they made a brain cupcake. Who knows what could come next?  

Making unique looking cupcakes has certainly become a trend in recent years, however, these pimple popping masterpieces must be the best! Other contenders for best weird cupcake include Bloody Mary flavored cupcakes from The Food Network, burger shaped cupcakes from the Cooking Channel and ice cream cone shaped cupcakes from All Recipes and more!

Hopefully, these cupcakes will provide inspiration and will lead to a wide range of weird, wonderful and delicious treats for people to enjoy!