These Hilarious Bumper Stickers Will Have You Driving Of Laughter (Sorry, Dying, Not Driving)

What could be more boring than a bumper sticker? Even the so-called “funny” bumper stickers, such as, “my other car is a spaceship,” are so dull, right?

Wrong! While historically bumper stickers were boring, nowadays people are plastering ever funnier messages to their cars that will have you at worst slightly smirking and at best howling with laughter on the roads.

Here are some of the best examples of funny bumper stickers. Just remember, drive safe:

  1. This obnoxious sticker is the bumper sticker equivalent of sticking the middle finger up to people that like to put little stick figures of their families onto the back of their car.
  2. We’re still in obnoxious country here, only this time the message is coming from a much older voice. This is the kind of message that we could imagine the Larry Davids of this world sticking onto their cars.
  3. An reference to how stupid “baby on board” signs are. The Simpsons made this point in 1994, but hey, a good joke can be re-told again and again.
  4. People are sick of other people trying to tell them stuff they don’t want to know, or at least the driver of this car is. Sadly, the site listed on this sticker isn’t operational.
  5. For the first time in the list, there’s a sticker that isn’t addressing other drivers. Instead it’s a reference to an old Tenacious D song. 
  6. We thought we’d left obnoxiousville, but obviously we’ve come right back in. A very “religious” affront to careless drivers.
  7. A warning to any bachelors or bachelorettes out there. We wonder if the driver is speaking from experience?
  8. Hmm, who would that be? Oh, right. Me. Very clever.  
  9. Perhaps this sticker was put up after bitter feelings caused by the last election?
  10. Where’s the last one’s politics were ambiguous, this one’s are obvious. We wonder how many on the road would make out such a small sign?
  11. We’ve moved from insulting others to self deprecation. Still, it’s not the car’s fault it’s so dull.
  12. Yes, you got us.
  13. This one is sure to make you think twice.
  14. Puns are often thought of as the lowest form of humor, though obviously not by this guy.
  15. It’s like a paradox.
  16. This tame sticker could only be funny in Canada. I’m sure the British Columbians love it.
  17. This one actually seems pretty wise.
  18. Clever placement of the font size. First you think it’s saying one thing, then it’s another.
  19. This is the only one to incorporate props into the bumper. Global warming’s never been funnier.
  20. Is the H meant to be crossed out? If so, then I guess this is Hannibal Lecter’s car.
  21. Another pun based entry here. I guess the “Focus” is also incorporated as an afterthought.
  22. This one’s witty but clashes terribly with the car’s color.
  23. Sadly, we can only see two of this car’s. I’m sure the rest are just as funny.

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