This awesome new invention teaches your dog how to video chat you.

Your pet can now call you whenever it wants. An invention called PetChatz lets you stay in contact with your pet while you’re out. It works both ways: you can call your pet, or your pet can call you. For your dog to call you, you set the hours when you can be contacted, which turns on a light, letting your dog know you can be reached through the device. It may take a while for the dog to learn to use this feature, but eventually they’ll pick it up.


A recent survey found that 80% of dog owners feel guilty about leaving their pets home alone. And doggy daycare can be expensive. But PetChatz keeps you in touch with your pet throughout the day, so you can be together, no matter where you are. In an ever busier world, it’s great to know that a company is helping keep owners connected with their pets.

The PetChatz device offers more than just communication, though. There are a range of extra features on offer. For example, you can give them a treat whenever you want. Just press a button on your app, and the device will dispense a meat focused treat, that PetChatz also provides to pet owners.

Obviously, the PetChatz device covers the senses of sight and sound, and we’ve seen that with treats it caters for pets’ sense of taste. But you might not have expected the device to also cover smell. As the device website states, “With PetChatz Scentz, you can create a connection with our calming formula.” That’s right, it even sprays out a scent. If you notice that your pret is acting erratically, press a button, and a calming spray will enter the room. Most products don’t account for 4 of the 5 senses!

Even better than treats, the PetChatz device also allows owners to play games with their dogs while they aren’t together in person. The game device that comes with PetChatz is called PawCall. It trains the dog to hit a paw button, dispensing treats when they get the game right. Not only is this fun for the dog, it also helps train them to use the call feature with ease.

PetChatz also offers owners the option of buying the last thing that will make their pets’ lives complete while you’re away: DogTV. That’s right, a TV channel for your dog. It’s filled with content that makes the dogs’ daily lives all the more enjoyable.   

Petchatz has also seen some major coverage, for its innovative idea. USA Today, The Huffington Post, The Today Show, Inc., Digital Spy, the Wall Street Journal, Men’s Journal, ABC News and many more have all featured the device on their sites.

The great news for those considering buying the item, who like to support domestic industries, is that each Petchatz model is hand assembled in the United States. Their treats and product assembly are handled in Minnesota and their product engineering is done in the Upper Midwest. With their goal to, “keep as many high paying jobs inside the borders of this great country,” it’s so good to know that they’re giving employment opportunities in America!

PetChatz even has another advantage, that the creators never intended. Recently, an NYC based PetChatz device owner caught a dog walker attempting to steal from their apartment. Luckily, the owner tuned in when the device was recording the dog walker snooping around her bedroom, looking for items. The owner then called the apartment, deterring the rogue dog walker from actually taking anything.


The company behind the product is also dedicated to supporting its customers and those needing dog training advice. There’s a page where people can submit questions to the company’s resident trainer, Jody Karow. If there’s a pressing question that you don’t have the answer for, submit it here.

Admittedly, Petchatz’s product is expensive. A new PetChatz device retails at $379.99. There are a range of additional items that also elevates the cost. For example, a PawCall (which allows the dog to get in touch with you and play games) costs $99.99, a stand is $59.99 and a 3 month supply of treats costs $39.99. While this price may put off some, there’s no doubt that such a useful product, which has many rave reviews from credible media outlets, will be an enhancement to the pet owners looking for more quality time with their pets.