The world’s smallest gun is the size of a credit card and literally fits in your wallet.

This gun fits in your pocket. It’s crazy how convenient it is. The Lifecard .22LR is a single-shot .22LR pistol. When folded, it’s about the size of a stack of credit cards. It was made by Trailblazer Firearms. It holds five .22LR caliber bullets, but only one can be actually loaded at a time. It’s just half an inch thick and weighs about 7 ounces. It is not meant to be used for self defense purposes but rather as an addition to an existing collection.


Ironically, for a weapon that’s so small, its instruction manual is huge. The 24 page manual also indicates that the gun can be pretty tricky to handle; it has warnings written in large red capital letters on almost every page.

Also, the manual’s exploded diagram and parts list shows it’s an incredibly intricate machine. There are 20 different types of pieces that go into its construction overall, with the smallest screws being insanely tiny.

Lifecard exploded.jpg

Source: Trailblazer Firearms

Even though it can be folded, the device’s instructions recommend that the pistol is left in the opened, half cocked position. It is also recommended that users do not carry the gun when loaded.

According to Trailblazer firearms’ website, the company founders came up with the idea of making “a pistol that could fit in the smallest of places (including popular mint candy tins)” after they read an article about compact survival utility kits. Find out more about the Lifecard .22LR here.

Source: Personal Defense World

In many ways, it was inevitable that the firearms industry would move into the growing trend of producing tiny versions of consumer goods. Basically all industries have started to offer micro versions of familiar items. For example, a few years ago the internet went crazy over the Mexican cucumber. Why? Because it looks just like a tiny watermelon. Mexican cucumbers are also called cucamelons, for an obvious reason. Each cucamelon is about the size of a grape, and despite their appearance, they taste nothing like watermelons. They also don’t taste exactly like cucumbers; some have likened the taste to being savory with a tangy lemon flavor. Also, like cucumbers, cucamelons have crunchy exteriors with soft gel like interiors.

Source: Homestead & Pepper

Moving on from food and into tech, this year saw the introduction of the insanely small GPD Pocket laptop. At 7.1 x 4.2 inches, it’s the size of an average paperback book. It also comes with 8GB of RAM, a USB 3.0 port, a USB-C port and a HDMI connection. It also has an 8 hour battery life, meaning you could bring it somewhere and do a full day of work, even if you’ve forgotten the charger (this doesn’t factor in the time spent explaining to other people where you got the laptop from.) Also, it won’t be annoying to lug around, as it only weighs 1lb. It’s no surprize that technology is getting smaller, but producing a computer this tiny and this powerful is sure to surprize any tech geek.

Source: Indiegogo

Additionally, for people that absolutely need to have a cold soda, but only once per day, a company called Armorus has produced a fridge that fits exactly one can. It’s charged via a USB port and is itself highly portable. In addition to cooling, it also has a function for heating items up to 150 fahrenheit, so it’s also like a tiny toaster oven.

Source: Amazon

Header photo source: Trailblazer Firearms