These 18 Simpsons Tattoos Are Incredible! Will You Get All The References?

For most millennials, The Simpsons is more than just a TV show: it’s part of who they are. They grew up with The Simpsons, and its humor, characters and cultural references will stay with them forever. Some fans have taken this to a whole new level. These people love The Simpsons so much that they made it official by getting tattoos.

These are the best Simpsons tattoos:

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It takes guts for someone to get a tattoo of perpetual loser and Bart’s sidekick, Milhouse. Admittedly, that the text is of one of Milhouse’s funniest jokes on the show helps. It’s not hard to imagine this tattoo brightening up even the most difficult work days. Source: Pinterest

Drawing on one of the trippiest Simpsons episodes ever, El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer), this tattoo depicts Home Simpson’s journey of self discovery. Fun fact: the space coyote from this episode was played by Johnny Cash. Source: Pinterest

Wow, this tattoo looks pretty dark. Taken out of context (which must happen with a tattoo like this frequently) it looks like it’s just lamenting Barney’s death. However, what this actually depicts is a scene from a short film that Barney made in one episode.  Source: Pinterest

Another interesting choice for a tattoo. Without her hair, it will be hard for most to recognize that that’s supposed to be Lisa Simpson and that toddler aged Bart has just done something extremely mischievous. Source: Pinterest

Someone apparently loves Lisa’s grunge phase, perhaps a little too much. This one comes from the episode where the Simpson family all go on a beach vacation, for those who can’t quite remember. Source: Pinterest

On first glance, it’s hard to even recognize this as a Simpsons reference. This joke will resonate to anyone with an obscure name, who was never able to find any
merchandise with their names printed on it while growing up.


This is certainly a memorable scene. Homer’s hyper religious neighbor Ned Flanders goes skiing, exclaiming that his outfit makes him feel like he’s wearing nothing at all. The scene wouldn’t go out of Homer’s head, and neither could it for this person, it seems. Source: Pinterest

The Simpsons/X-Files crossover episode climax clearly resonated with this dedicated viewer. Again, for those that haven’t seen it, they may just think it’s a bad likeness of Mr Burns.  Source:

The second tattoo from the film festival episode on this list. Hans Moleman’s clothes don’t match the character on the show though. Weird.
Source: Pinterest

Another one that to the untrained eye could just look like a bad likeness. Hint: that’s not actually Homer. That’s a fish and a lightbulb combined. Source: Pinterest

Kang and Kodos. One for each leg. This looks like one that the owner may some day regret.Source:

The second tattoo with a Lisa that’s hard to recognize as Lisa. It’s a shame they didn’t also have Ralph Wiggum’s attempt at Idaho stood next to her.

Source: Sink The Ink

Perhaps Milhouse has a higher appreciation than previously thought. Not bad for a character named after a failed president (Nixon’s middle name was Milhous.)Source: Pinterest

A recognizable Lisa delivering a strong political message. This message is more poignant than ever.Source:

Rainier Wolfcastle delivers his most famous, perhaps only famous, line.Source:

A young Homer, believe it or not.Source: Pinterest

A donut Homer, believe it or not. Considering Homer is arguably the most famous character, it’s interesting to see him so underrepresented in tattoo form.Source: Pinterest

This one must be the king of hard-to-recognize Simpsons tattoos. Also, surprisingly, the third Millhouse related item.

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