Is This The Scariest Ride In The World?

This extreme roller coaster is called Insanity. It spins you 900 feet above the city of Las Vegas and tilts you 70 degrees downwards. If that isn’t extreme enough, it also spins at speeds of three G’s. Unsurprisingly, this thrill ride offers the most spectacular sights of any roller coaster.   

It sits on top of the Stratosphere Hotel. What a terrifying view.

For thrill seekers looking for the most extreme experience in Las Vegas, this has to be the go to ride. It has been given tons of awards, and CNN, USA Today, Expedia and others have all commended the Stratosphere hotel for this roller coaster. For example, CNN said, “these spinning mechanical arms will get your heart pounding probably even before you’ve strapped yourself to a seat” and, “[Insanity] is the one most likely to make you question your sanity.”

With Big Shot, passengers strap themselves in at 921 feet in the air. It then shoots the passengers up to a height of 1,081 feet in seconds. This is the highest ride in the U.S., so for those looking for the most extreme ride possible, look no further. X-Scream is like a giant see-saw only it’s 866 feet over the ground. It shoots riders 27 feet away from the edge of the Hotel. Riders then dangle weightlessly above the Las Vegas Strip, before the ride pulls back and starts all over again.

It costs $35 for a person to access the observation deck and go on all three rides, which seems like a small price to pay for one of the most thrilling experiences possible. Find out more about the Stratosphere Hotel’s attractions here.