Man Actually Burns Entire House Down After Trying To Kill A Spider

It feels like everyday there’s something controversial that everyone wants to argue about. One thing most don’t argue about is that spiders suck. They are the worst and they have 6 more legs than me and that’s freaking scary.

You always here people say, “KILL IT, I DON’T CARE WHAT IT TAKES!” And then someone usually brings up fire to destroy the eight legged freaks…but that might have gotten a bit too real.

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Like many things The Simpsons have predicted, this has now happened too.

Instead of using a newspaper, or simple bug spray, a California man used a torch lighter to combat a “huge Wolf spider.” He did indeed kill the spider, but the flaming corpse somehow lept onto a nearby mattress and set it ablaze.

Perhaps this spider wasn’t going down alone.

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The fire started in the upstairs bedroom and eventually spread, I guess rapidly? Perhaps this California man didn’t have any water nearby? Maybe he was using that new legal marijuana? Who knows but many neighbors weren’t pleased…

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Once firefighters had arrived to the scene, they were able to put the mattress out but it had spread to nearby drapes and wall tapestries and those things look very flammable.

Fire Chief Rob Pitt said they were able to contain the fire to just that bedroom and closet before it was able to spread to neighboring apartments.

“All the residents escaped from the building and no one was injured. The fire was extinguished within 20 minutes.

A torch lighter is similar to a regular cigarette lighter but is larger and the flame is under more pressure. As for Wisegarver and the two men living in the apartment, they are going to have to find another place to live. The unit they were living in is uninhabitable.”

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So what was the official damage? Well it looks like the fiery spider grave cost about $11,000 or 4/5th’s of a Bitcoin if you only roll that way these days.

A nearby neighbor mentioned they were thinking of moving and it seems like this fire has just sped up the process.

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Maybe this California man (at least he wasn’t a Florida man because the whole block would’ve been burned down) needs to know how to prepare his next apartment for no spiders. Take a look at a few of these pointers to avoid spiders entirely so you don’t have to burn it with FIRE.

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If you don’t want spiders around your home just follow these three simple steps.

1. Get a cat! Okay I know, I’m a huge fan of the furry felines, but they will roam your house looking for rodents and insects! Maybe cats will be man’s best friend after they save your life from a spider.

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2. Buy some Eucalyptus plants! According to Natural Living Ideas, Eucalyptus has a menthol-like fragrance which spiders despise. They look pretty cool on top of that!

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3. If the cat and eucalyptus plant don’t work, clean your house with citrus smelling products. It’s just another odor spiders aren’t a fan of.

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And if all that fails, I think you just make sure you have some good insurance and burn it all down…

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