Man Stops Suddenly After Seeing Three Abandoned Puppies On The Side Of The Highway

It’s always good to keep your eyes on the road, unless there are puppies. Maybe next time I get pulled over I will use that line andddd it probably won’t work. Either way puppies are damn important and three of them got saved in this story!

After visiting his girlfriend, Andrei Matei was driving back home and saw something cross the road. Now it definitely wasn’t a chicken so keep looking for those answers, but it was way better than that! He slowed down and then saw a couple more anim scurry across the road and that’s when he knew he had to stop.

Matei told The Dodo, “I immediately braked and stopped the car, and started going backwards. I went out of the car and there were three puppies, jumping on my leg and very happy. They did not have any idea that they were one inch close to death.”

Image Via Andrei Matei

At first he wasn’t sure what to do. They were so cuddly and cute how could he not bring the furry trio into his car?! So that’s exactly what he did.

Image Via Andrei Matei

Matei is in a long distance relationship so he had three more hours in the car with the little guys! Since they are tiny little fuzz balls they all eventually passed out now that they knew they were safe!

Image Via Andrei Matei

Matei’s first step was posting (adorable) pictures on Facebook to see if anyone knew anyone that knew these puppers. One of his friends connected Matei with his neighbor who was a seasoned veteran in rescuing dogs. After speaking to them, they decided the next best step was to bring the three little amigos to a veterinarian.

Image Via Andrei Matei

After their vet check-up, they were determined to be around 4-5 weeks old. Their only problem was that they had fleas, so not too bad for being out in the wild on their own. Whoever abandoned these guys must have had no heart. The trio were super energetic and loved everyone they met!

Image Via Andrei Matei

Matei left the pups with the vet on the promise that they all would get the perfect forever homes. He said, “I left after with her promise that all the pups will be fine and that she will take care finding them new homes. I checked after one week on her Facebook page and all the pups were with their new families, safe and happy.”

Image Via Giphy

Are you still feeling all warm and fuzzy from this trio’s adoption story?! Well head on over to ASPCA’s (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) site and find out how to adopt your own four-legged friend!

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