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E-cigarettes prove to be dangerous for your pet’s health


This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

E-cigarettes have been branded as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, but new evidence shows they can be extremely harmful to pets.

According to drugabuse.gov electronic cigarettes are “battery-operated devices designed to deliver nicotine with flavorings and other chemicals to users in vapor instead of smoke.” The use of e-cigarettes has exponentially increased over the years.

The pet poison hotline said the number of pets poisoned by e-cigarettes has jumped 400 percent since 2013 and pet owners are being warned to keep their pets far from e-cigarettes.

“The e-cigarettes have become so popular in recent years and more people are smoking them in higher amounts”, Dr. Jyl Rubin says.

The most common symptoms to look out for if you think your dog has been poisoned by e-cigarettes are vomiting and diarrhea.


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