17 Of The Best Amazon Products That Will Make You Say, “Dang I Need That In My Life!”

Let’s face it, Amazon is making our orders easier one Prime purchase at a time. I can’t tell you how many times I will have forgotten that I ordered something and Christmas happens on my doorstep. It’s great, convenient and addicting af.

Sometimes there’s so much noise though, I have no idea what to buy. Well don’t worry because I scoured through the best of the best products and found you 17 things that you need in…well about 2 days from reading this.

So sit back and relax and try to not spend more than $20!

A Paper Airplane Kit

A user said that they, “bought this kit for my boys, ages 10 and 8. They have loved it!” I don’t know about you but I’d be buying this for myself when I’m bored in the office.

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $8.82!

Quesadilla Maker from Hamilton Beach

Who needs a skillet and perfect flipping skills when you have a device that does it all for you?!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $25.99!

Pizza Stone

If you’re not in the mood for quesadillas grab this pizza stone to perfectly cook your pizza. No more cold parts ever again!

Pizza Stone Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $39.99!

And you’re going to need the perfect pizza cutter to get your pizza into slice mode!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $13.95!

Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Have you ever wanted pasta but not the carbs?! Get your spaghetti on with some zucchini or any other vegetable you can string up!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $9.99!

40 Count Snack Gift Box

I don’t care who you are for this one! Who doesn’t need a snack supply that will last you a week (or a day depending on how much weed you smoke). It’s literally $.50 per snack!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $19.99!

Slash Cards: The Horror Movie Trivia Game

The game’s brief description reads:

Slash Cards is the most comprehensive horror movie trivia game in the world!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $35!

JanSport Backpack

Since that damn Backpack kid at the Super Bowl last year, backpacks are back in style!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $28.72!

Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure 

Whether this is a gift or just a fun present for yourself, Baby Groot never disappoints!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $9.71!

Disturbed Friends

Their catch phrase is “This game should be banned,” do I need to say more?

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $25!

Have a nice day/Middle Finger Mug

For all the people that want to say both things to your boss, say it with a mug.

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $11.81!

A set of rose gold diamond pens

Up your pen game and get classy af with this set of 3. If you are a perpetually pen loser, maybe you’ll keep track of these blinged out writing utensils.

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $10.99!

Bluetooth transmitter

If your car is a bit older and hasn’t jumped into the 21st century, grab this so you can rock out with your…socks out!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $18.99!

Tree branch hair pins

Get your Katniss Everdeen on and be one with the trees! You’ll feel like you are queen of Narnia when you wear these. (Yes I know those are two different references.)

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $6.99!


This might be the most important product on this list. Glamglow targets, prevents and heals problem skin including breakouts, discoloration, black and white heads.

PS. It has over 1,500 reviews with an average of 4 stars so this stuff must work!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $42.97!

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Sometimes when it’s cold out, it’s just nice to have a diffuser to clear up any congestion!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $17.99!

Justin’s almond butter squeeze-packs

If you haven’t had almond butter in your life yet, there’s no better time than now. These delicious little packs will fuel you on the go!

Image Via Amazon

Buy it for $10.65!