Steve-O Flew To Peru To Adopt A Street Dog And This Might Be The Most Beautiful Love Story Of 2018

Dogs are the most amazing animals in the universe. Sure you can boast that other animals can help do different things in life, but dogs give us humans the most joy possible. Sorry your pet gerbil can’t compete.

Steve-O, yes that Steve-O from Jackass, has cleaned his life up in the past few years. He’s been sober for longer than 8 years now, but don’t worry he still doesn’t awesome stuff. He’s the true definition of showing others that you don’t need other substances to have fun.

But it’s still fun to reflect on all the crazy shit he did…

Image Via Giphy & MTV

Steve-O is doing a new show with Youtube Red now, and his mission was to go hike a mountain that looked like a boob. Glad to know some things never change. I don’t even think Steve-O was prepared for a new friendship like the one he found in Peru though.

He got to the South American country and immediately looked for a street dog to accompany him up the boob mountain. He got dog food and set out on his mission.

Image Via Youtube

Honestly the most ballsy thing he did on this trip was to feed wild dogs I think. He could have gotten rabies, but I guess when your Steve-O some rabies is nothing.

After a few dogs and no luck, he found Wendy. Cue the aww’s because this is where the story gets touching. After feeding Wendy, he and the crew needed to eat themselves so they went to a restaurant that didn’t allow dogs. He thought that would be the last of Wendy…

…until that night when they found each other again. Somehow Wendy not only found Steve-O but told all her doggo friends about her new friend who had food. I think Steve-O looks the happiest we’ve ever seen him buried in dogs.

Image Via Youtube

They eventually left, but Wendy followed and Steve-O tried to smuggle her into his hotel. It initially worked but then the manager asked him to not bring dogs in. After some talking (and bribing) he let Wendy stay and Steve-O and Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy gave Wendy her a [first] bath.

Image Via Youtube

In the following days, he took her to the vet and gave her a more official bath and got her situated with all the necessary shots. Steve-O plans on making Wendy a service dog so the two never have to be separated. It’s always great to see when a human and dog have such an amazing bond.

Later on in the video, Gus says, “Forget what everyone has said, you’re not an asshole.” Yes you’re hearing that right ladies and gentleman, Steve-O is a changed man.

Image Via Youtube

This whole video was to prepare everyone for a new Youtube Red show where Steve-O and 7 other kinda famous people trek around the world. It’s called Ultimate Expedition and has people like The Dudesons, Chuck Liddell and many more kinda famous names.

PS don’t tell Chuck I called him “kinda famous.”

Watch the full video below and I challenge you to not get goosebumps (you will fail).