Tinder Girl Tries To Gain A Free Extravagant Dinner From Her Date But He Got The Last Laugh

Guys, dating is weird in 2018. You just aimlessly swipe in hopes of finding a special someone. Not even THE special someone, just someone that you might be able to bare for a few hours. Tinder has made us dating drones, always making us feel like we could be one swipe away from ‘true love.’

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I got lucky and found my special someone through one of the other million of apps out there, but I had my fair share of weird Tinder interactions. Luckily though, I never had a girl be this greedy (and obvious) about her purposes.

The story starts out so innocent…

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This all comes from Imgur user minilogo37 and it’s tragic to say the least.

I know he’s ‘new to Tinder’ but come one, never trust a super like! At least she didn’t message him something like “Nvm I didn’t mean to super like you, go away”…not like I’ve ever gotten that before or anything. Okay moving forward…

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SWEATPANTS?! The guy must be clueless because that’s the biggest red flag of the story. Sure order extravagant things, but at least try to look nice!

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Poor guy even said some of these beginning things weren’t dealbreakers, he must have not gotten a lot of action recently for him to go on…

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OKAY SOUND THE ALARM! She is crazy and blatantly not even trying to cover up what she’s doing. She is the worst human on Tinder. What are the chances this guy gets matched up to begin his Tinder Adventure on? Sighhhh…let’s just hope the waiter was a woman I guess?

Good thing he came to his senses (after way too long I might add…)

He wrote:

As we were finishing, I excused myself and went to the restroom. While I was in there, a light bulb went off.

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THANK GOD! He finally saw through her fake facade!

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I imagine her to be a little something like this…

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So who’s the real villain in this story? Is it her for ordering a million expensive things? Is it him for ditching and not even paying for his portion? Is it the waiter for not realizing the terrible first date that was going down in front of their eyes?

Commenters had a field day coming at him with congrats…and then some others were pissed he ate and ditched.

Some of the praise comments read:

– You handled that like a champ. Enough said.
– Not all heros wear capes
– Appetizers, 4 glasses of wine, crab legs and steak on a first date! Sweat pants to top it all off. I hope she had to suck the waiter’s d***

He probably read those and was like:

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Some others shamed him because he basically did what she was trying to do…

– I hope you thanked her for the meal
– I would’ve grabbed the waiter on the side and paid for my portion before leaving.
– I think the pro move would have been to toss down money for your bit, but it sounds like this isn’t a first for her.

Either way I guess he came away with a dinner and a story for the ages! Cheers to crazy Tinder stories like this one!