Tiny Dwarf Horse Loves To Run With The Big Horses And Doesn’t Understand He’s So Small

I wish having a mini-horse as a pet was just as acceptable as having a cat or dog as a pet. Wouldn’t it be awesome to walk your majestic horse wherever you go? I think it would be great, so maybe when I have kids I can actually come through with the tiny pony promise.

I could only hope that my horse would be as awesome as Munchie. He lives in Hitchcock, Texas at a Habitat for Horses, and all his friends are at least three times his size. He stands less than two feet, but loves all his huge horse pals.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

Amber Barnes (okay was she destined for this job?) of Habitat for Horses told The Dodo, “It’s like he doesn’t notice how big they [the other horses] are or care how big they are. He’s just kind of like, ‘So what you’re big? Whatever.”

Too bad all of us can’t have that same attitude!

Before coming to HFH, Munchie was in San Antonio, and not being properly cared for.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

Barnes continued, “He was about 2 months old when we rescued him. He came in with a family of smaller miniature horses and also larger horses. It was a very large cruelty seizure case in San Antonio. There were actually several horses who had died that were on the property when we got there. So it’s a sad case.”

Thank goodness they came when they did though. Munchie and his mom came to HFH to live a much better life.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

On the way back to HFH, Munchie didn’t even have to sit in the back. He sat in the front seat on someone’s lap. I mean have you ever heard of a lap-horse?! Because that’s what I want in my life.

Once they got back home, the staff came to the conclusion that Munchie was a dwarf mini-horse which explained his small size. This is common they said due to negligent breeders.

Barnes said that, “There’s structural differences…and this can often lead to health problems. It can even be fatal.” But thankfully, Munchie only has a curved “roach” back as well as an underbite. But that’s okay because he’s cute as can be!

Image Via Habitat For Horses

He also has an enlarged belly, because most of his organs are all normal size.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

Look at this also! Barnes said that, “Munchie loves being groomed, so he likes getting his hair brushed out and braided.”


Image Via Habitat For Horses

Munchie serves a greater purpose than just eating and napping all day at HFH. He’s the official ambassador for the program. When HFH talks to schools and libraries, they bring Munchie to show children and help them understand “plight of other horses.”

Munchie brings love to nursing homes as well <3. [caption id="attachment_1833" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Via Habitat For Horses[/caption]

Barnes also said that Munchie isn’t worried about the bigger horses at the shelter. “They’ll be right nearby, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, give me my hay. Where are my carrots? I’m not worried about you. But you’ll have the same giant horse look at Munchie and get kind of startled and not know what to do. It’s kind of amusing.”

It’s like a tiny lap dog barking it’s face off at a pitbull, sometimes you just have to act the part.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

If you were inspired by Munchie’s story, you can donate to the Habitat for Horses here!