Science Says People That Hit The Snooze Button And Can’t Get Out Of Bed In The Morning Are Smarter

I know I’m guilty of this one guys. I always set my alarm for 6:30 AM and somehow I end up getting out of bed at 8. Every night I intend on waking up early and getting a headstart on the day and somehow it doesn’t happen.

But guess what…

This all means that I’m way smarter than anyone that gets up on time. Why you ask? Well because SCIENCE.

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A psychologist by the name of Satoshi Kanazawa over at the London School of Economics conducted a study titled, “Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent.”

Kanazawa along with Kaja Perina, the other author of the study, wrote that they believe that people should sleep like our ancestors did. That basically means that we need to go to bed earlier to get up earlier.

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But that’s so hard to do! So those of us that can’t sleep at night…apparently we are smarter? Since the invention of the snooze button is relatively new, at least when we are talking about caveman ancestors…it takes a smarter person to work it. Yep that’s their logic!

They found this information by talking to 1229 men and women about their sleep habits. Their main takeaway was that people who go to bed after 11 pm and get up after 8 am are more happy and have a higher income.

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The last takeaway from their survey was that people need to learn from their bodies and not listen to clocks as much. Business Insider explains it so:

“If we learn to listen to our own body’s needs and not to the hard and fast rules of our clocks, we are more likely to pursue our own passions and find our own solutions to problems. This makes us more creative and independent.”

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The only downside of this data? If people sleep more than 12 hours, they showed a significantly higher risk of an untimely death. So just don’t sleep as much as your dog or cat and you should be fine.

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So if you struggle to get to bed on time, here are a few tips to get to bed on time earlier. These actually helped me but if you don’t want to read, scroll down to the video.

1. Don’t drink alcohol before bedtime.

Instead drink some warm tea in bed and read a book. You’ll be asleep in no time.

2. Also while you’re at it, don’t eat any sugary foods.

Apparently things like yogurt are perfect because it’s has a little protein and fat.

3. Get a great ambience set up in your room.

The top three things people say you need are it to be cool, dark and quiet. But some also recommend sleep sounds, and for instance I use the sound of rain when I’m having a tough time getting to sleep.

4. Turn off any electronics or put them away from reach of your bed.

This way you won’t be tempted to look at memes and articles like this later on in the night.

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