This Video Of A Seemingly Possessed Toddler Is Freaking People The Hell Out

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A creepy video that looks like it could be a scene straight out of Paranormal Activity is currently making the rounds on social media.

The 52-second long clip, shot by what appears to be some type of nanny cam, shows a seemingly possessed little boy named Connor climbing up the side of his crib and up onto the edge of the railing, balancing way too perfectly while repeatedly screaming for his mom.

Since it was uploaded on March 9, the YouTube video has amassed more than 2.5 million views and 500 comments from people with varying degrees of skepticism about its validity.

“All I see is a child crying out for his mom and being ignored,” YouTube user Rudolph H. commented.

“Not possessed its just good at balancing… It would however been scary if the baby fell forwards,’ wrote another.

“That is so freaky, notice something grabbing him. Its like he can see the demon, its so scary,” expressed the user who most closely aligned with out own feelings on the clip.

Real or not, you have to admit there’s still something seriously disturbing about this clip — besides the terrible parenting skills, obviously.


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