Woman Gets Reunited With Her Best Friend After Adopting An Elderly Dog

If you are clicking on this article it’s probably true that 98% of you have a special affinity with your first dog. Mine? A Samoyed named Sammie was my first dog and she was the best. Sound off in the comments what yours was!

Anyways Nicole Renae had a pup when she was younger named Chloe. Renae got Chloe on her 10th birthday, and it was given to her by her grandmother. And from the start, Chloe and Renae were best buds that were indivisible.

Image Via Nicole Renae

The two were together for four years and their love only grew. Renae told The Dodo in an interview that, “She was such a sweet dog. She’d lick your face forever if you didn’t stop her.”

Sadly though, Renae’s dad got a job when she was 14 where he needed to work from home. Her home had to be a sanctuary and that meant it couldn’t have a yapping dog. Renae was devastated when hearing that they had to get rid of Chloe.

Image Via Nicole Renae

Renae continued by saying, “We had no choice. I was just a kid, so I obviously didn’t have any choice in the matter. It was heartbreaking. I didn’t want to get rid of my dog.”

They didn’t even have a family friend that could take care of the pupper, so they had to take Chloe to the closest humane society. They could only hope they would find a good home for her.

Renae said that she, “just felt so sick and sad about it. I thought I’d never see or hear from her ever again.”

And honestly most people would be right to think this. Renae tried calling the humane society years later to see if she could track down Chloe but they couldn’t give out any information.

Image Via Nicole Renae

So fast forward to recently, as Renae finds herself married and with a kid of her own. She still never forgot about her gray doggo Chloe though.

Image Via Nicole Renae

She remembered the joy she had from Chloe and wanted her daughter to experience the same adoration for a dog. She originally was looking for puppy until she came upon a Facebook post about a senior dog that needed a family.

Renae couldn’t believe her eyes.

She said, “I saw the picture of the dog and thought, ‘That dog looks kind of familiar.’ Then I read the name — it was Chloe. The same spelling as my old dog. I thought that was such a coincidence.”

At this point she wanted to adopt the lookalike and didn’t even know the most amazing part of the story. She went to go meet her new-ish friend and something weird happened.

Image Via Nicole Renae

“She just ran up to me and started licking my face,” Renae said. “As the day went on, all these characteristics just reminded me of my old dog.”

She couldn’t believe it was really Chloe! But Chloe knew exactly who it was even after all these years.

She said, “I never thought I’d see my dog again, but I just knew in my heart that it was her.”

Image Via Nicole Renae

Renae’s mom thought she was nuts but they had a way to prove it. They checked with Chloe’s original vet, to see what her microchip number was. After a few quick calls to other vets, it turned out that it wasn’t a fluke. They were exact matches!

“She’s made herself right at home,” Renae concluded. “Chloe is happy. I think she knows now that she’ll be with me forever.”

Image Via Nicole Renae