Nursing Student Snaps Eerie Photo Of Ghost Boy Standing In Hospital Hallway

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Creepy abandoned hospitals are often touted as paranormal hot spots — but apparently, hospitals that are still in operation are not quite exempt from the haunting game.

A photo that appears to show a resident ghost at a Valley Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, is currently making the rounds online, sparking heated debate over the age old question, are ghosts even real?


The photo was reportedly sent to KSAZ by a nursing student, who says that after she completed an assigned task, she took the photo to show her supervisor her finished work.

Immediately after snapping the photo, however, the student noticed what appears to be the ghostly image of a little boy standing in the hallway.

After KSAZ shared the photo on its Facebook page on October 14, it quickly went viral, racking up over 5,000 shares and more than 1,400 comments in just 5 hours.

Naturally, there has been some heated debate over the genuineness of the photo in the comments section.

“I call bs,” said one man. “Why would a photo be taken of an empty hallway? Gullible people already saying it’s a dead child that ‘hasn’t found peace.”

“Ghost are real!” a woman shot back. “One of my best friends took a picture of her sister’s tombstone and when we saw the pictures later on there were a bunch of faces around it from young faces to older. We both couldn’t believe our eyes. And the faces looked just like that on the picture from this little boy.”

Whether you’re a paranormal naysayer or a ghost fanatic, we can probably all agree on one thing — we wouldn’t be caught dead alone in that hallway at night.


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