Heroic Dad Takes On Five Robbers With Machetes By Using His Expert Martial Arts Skills


When you go to bed at night you don’t usually expect to wake up to robbers and have to use your karate kid skills. Well that would also mean that you would need those skills in the first place.

That’s the scenario that David Pugh of Solihull, England found himself in. Thankfully he was prepared. Thieves came crashing into his house one night and began attacking his 17-year-old son and 20-week-old Rottweiler puppy Zeus. They came prepared, attacking with machetes, baseball bats and golf clubs. Honestly this sounds like a hit scene out of a movie…

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It sounds like Pugh was prepared with the skills of Liam Neeson from Taken because he used his bare hands to take out his attackers, one by one.

After 10 minutes of fighting, they retreated and didn’t get away with anything. Pugh only came away from the fight with a broken nose and some facial injuries.

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This all happened on February 13 at 3 AM at the top of his stairs. I really hope he got a couple 300-style kicks of bad dudes down the stairs.

After seeing his puppy and son get hurt, the man trained in Israeli self-defence combat Krav Maga, he said ‘instinct took over’ and well let’s just hear it from him.

“There was a loud bang at 3am when they smashed the patio doors to get in but I thought Zeus had knocked something over. By the time I got out of bed, totally naked, I was approaching the door and it was kicked in.

It went with a right smash and there was four or five guys on the landing in balaclavas. The men kept shouting ‘where’s the money, give us your money.’

I grabbed the first couple I could, it turned into a brawl and a battle. I just grabbed what I could and hit them with aftershave bottles and chairs.”

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“I was getting hit repeatedly on the head – they had machetes, a baseball bat and a golf club. I was desperately trying to get to my son’s room. but I had so many splits to my head, I was drenched in blood.

We could only assume they saw that, realised we hadn’t got any money and thought, ‘we have gone too far’, and got out of here. They must have thought they half-killed me. In retrospect we were probably quite lucky.”

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His dog had been badly injured, he said this about it:

“We have a puppy and he got a blow to the head, he ended up running into the garden, he fell into the canal- he was hypothermic.

A guy called Andy, a canoeist, found him and took him to Birmingham Dogs Home and warmed him up. We got out of hospital and took him to the vets and stitched him up.

He’s traumatised, my lad is traumatised, the police said it was one of the most brutal attacks in a home they had ever seen.

They didn’t leave with anything which is the only silver lining. They kicked every door in, all the frames are gone, every cupboard they have gone through, and rummaged through everything they could quickly.”

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Pugh concluded:

The aftermath from it is horrendous.I don’t think I’ll have a sleep-filled night for a long time, I’ll be on tenterhooks all the time.

You don’t expect something like this in your home.