Dog Sees A Sad Man At The Airport And Proceeds To Go Over And Cheer Him Up

Guys dogs are the best. You can’t tell me this story would be as cute if you replaced it with a cat, lizard, snake or even a damn chinchilla. Dogs hold a certain place in all of our hearts, especially if you continued reading after I threw cats to the curb in that last sentence.

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The puppers of the world always know how to cheer us up, and this dog was no different.

Meet Cora the corgi.

Image Via Madison Palm’s Facebook

She’s a rescue pup that has had a rough life. By the time she was eight, she had given birth to 15 litters of puppies and her body was exhausted from it. It was a backyard breeding scenario and she was given up by the breeder after her last litter only had one surviving doggo.

Madison Palm had only intended to foster Cora, but we all know how that always ends up. If you are able to foster dogs, all the power to you, but I could never do that. It would only take a day and I would officially adopt the dog, especially Cora. That’s exactly what Madison did too.

Image Via Madison Palm’s Facebook

Madison told The Dodo that Cora loved being around people and was so affectionate that she was going to train her to become a therapy dog.

She went on to say:

“Cora’s personality is so amazing, she’s a lover. She’s always right next to me and always keeps a close eye if she’s not.

If I’m not available she’ll pick the next closest lap to sit on and nudges your hand unless you’re petting her at all times.

She is SO sweet and is usually the first thing people say about her. Her gentle and kind nature never goes unnoticed.”

Image Via Madison Palm’s Facebook

She loves to talk to strangers on their walks and adventures, and that’s how this airport story happened. Here’s how it went down:

“Cora just kind of walked around in our little seating area and said hi to everyone who was walking by and sitting near us.

She was taking a snooze so I let go of her leash briefly while I relaxed and had a snack; that is when she woke up and snuck over to him.

Before I could even call her she was already at his feet being loved on.”

Image Via Madison Palm’s Facebook


Okay but it gets better, I dare you to not tear up at this next part. Madison went onto check with the man if it was okay:

“I asked him if she was bothering him and with a somber face and watery eyes he said, ‘No, no; I lost my dog last night’.

He scratched behind her ears, patted her on the back and was whispering how cute she was.

He took out his phone to snap a photo and she sat directly in front of him facing him and staying perfectly still for it.

She knows who’s hurting and knows who needs her. I’ve never questioned that.

I’m blown away by her on a daily basis. Who knew a dog, who was unloved for seven and a half years, could have so much love to give?”


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Honestly, how amazing is that? I think Madison made the right move to keep this wonderful bundle of joy!