Dog Can’t Stand To Leave Her Owner Even After She Passed Away From Cancer

Dogs are the best, am I right? They love you unconditionally and nothing you can do can ever change that. Belinha is one of those puppers that just can’t stop loving her owner.

These two come from Brazil, but life has been a bit harder on Belinha. Her owner, Telma Maria, recently passed away due to a battle with cancer. Before the cancer, the two were inseparable for the past four years.

Image Via Dionísio Neto

Maria died earlier this month to cancer. She fought hard, and Belinha stayed by her side through the whole thing.

Dionísio Neto, who is Maria’s son, wrote online:

“My mother said she was her nurse. Belinha proved to be the most faithful companion.”

So for Maria’s wake, Belinha was of course there and somber for the occasion.

Image Via Dionísio Neto

Belinha gave her condolences and it was especially touching. When the coffin was presented, somehow Belinha just knew who it was. She went up to the coffin, just as she did when Maria was alive and stayed there for the rest of the funeral.

Neto couldn’t help but snap a picture and posted this on Facebook:

“And like an angel she spent all night by her side. Mom said she was your nurse. Belinha, as she was baptized by Telma Maria, has shown to be the most faithful companion. Love, life, death and teachings.

Some will say I’m an idiot to post the picture of my mother’s coffin, but an image can teach a lot of people to love animals, and that animals are not just animals, for they are purely love.


Image Via Dionísio Neto
Image Via Dionísio Neto

But somehow this just gets more adorable, even in a sad setting.

Every so often, Belinha would whimper and mourn the loss of her best friend. The family didn’t know what to do. So they thought they would try one last thing. They took a trip to the cemetery where Maria was laid to rest to show Belinha where her friend was.

Image Via Dionísio Neto

They let Belinha off her leash and she went up to the burial, cautiously as if she knew to be careful and somber.

Neto told the newspaper Estadão:

“Even in death, my mother is teaching that love is not just for humans. My mother and Belinha show that the love of animals is something greater than many people imagine.”

Image Via Dionísio Neto

Even though it’s tough, Belinha is learning to cope with not having her best friend around.

I thought it was pretty interesting that Belinha which translates to Isabel in Portuguese means “promise of God.” Pretty sure that’s a great indication of how amazing this dog is and was to her owner Maria.

If you are interesting in adopting your own dog, feel free to check out ASPCA’s website to see how you can find your own special friend. You might be saying that you already have a dog…but you don’t have two! Check it out or just donate to the cause, because who wouldn’t want to help a face like this?

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