Security Cam Shows Crazy Man Leave Behind A Bag Of Sick Puppies

Dogs are something else aren’t they? They are the most cuddly loving things that have four legs out there! Anyone that could ever think of hurting must have something wrong with their brains, and that’s what’s going on in this security cam screenshot.

Image Via RSPCA

Back in September this camera caught a man in the middle of the night dumping a bag of puppies. Pablo and Penny are their names and thank goodness this story ends with a happy ending.

They were dumped around 9 PM and someone was able to spot them just in time. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or RSPCA for short, came at around 2:45 a.m. They were dumped during a freezing rain storm to top all of that nonsense.

Image Via RSPCA

Sally Bamforth, an inspector at the RSPCA released a press release which read:

“The CCTV clearly shows a man walk past and then stop, before holding a carrier bag over the wall and tipping it out into the garden. Then as he walks away, he pauses as the two tiny, disorientated puppies appear from underneath a bush and potter across the lawn.

They must have been freezing and it’s a miracle that they survived until they were discovered.”

Image Via RSPCA

After rescuing them, their saviors were shocked to find the two puppies in such horrible condition. They had some sort of terrible skin condition which had caused the two week old pups to go bald.

But they began treatment immediately and after a few weeks, the pups were looking better already! And once they were back to their normal selves, they looked like completely different dogs!


Image Via RSPCA


Image Via RSPCA

Again, how could anyone do anything terrible to that face?!

Bamforth went on to say:

“To abandon any animal is cruel but to dump these tiny, vulnerable puppies like this is just unspeakable; watching the footage is heartbreaking, anything could have happened to these little pups.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to those people who found them and called us so we could get them to a vet.”

Image Via RSPCA

Pablo and Penny had been through a lot but their journey to forever homes wasn’t just over yet. They needed to find some friends to hang out with forever. Penny was actually taken in by Sarah Aspinall, one of the RSPCA volunteers.

Originally, it was a fostering situation, but once people started inquiring about Penny she couldn’t let her go. This seems like a common occurrence when one begins fostering a pup.

Aspinall said:

“I took her on as a foster in December and honestly had no intention of keeping her. I was fully prepared to help her and then ensure she found a great forever home.

But when people started ringing to enquire about rehoming her I realized I couldn’t do it — I couldn’t give her away! She was so happy, she loves my other dogs and I couldn’t split them up.”

Image Via RSPCA

As for Pablo? He found a home as well so both pups are just living their best lives possible now that they are abandoned in a garbage bag.

Mhairi Brown, Pablo’s new owner said that:

“We wanted Pablo after reading his story; we knew we wanted to give him the best possible home and future after his traumatic start in life.

He has made himself very much at home and is really a character. He makes us laugh every day with his cheeky antics.”

Image Via RSPCA

Sounds like these guys could use some treats!