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Woman Tells Dudes That Are Shorter Than 5’7″ To Not Bother, But This Guy Destroyed Her Logic


A lot of girls have…interesting standards on Tinder. When you are in an endless abyss of dudes, I guess you can not care about people’s feelings. Now while I’m not one of the short guys that this girl so despised, I still support them.

I mean why do we have to be mean to vertically challenged people? It’s not their fault, it’s just the way it is.

Unless you’re a crazy person, you wouldn’t put things like this woman did in her Tinder bio…

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Now we know Kevin Hart has probably encountered women like the one you’re about to read about, but she took being a bitch to whole new level.

This guy, aka Reddit user janmayeno, was browsing Tinder just like any other millennial dude out there, when he came upon this wonderful specimen of a human (read that like Simon Cowell or something for better effect).

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If we were to go to the crazy/hot meter, aka the Vicky Mendoza Diagonal from How I Met Your Mother, this girl would be too crazy and not hot enough.

We can see through that blurriness that’s she’s not a ten…

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But this guy figured he was 5’6″ and was bored probably so he initiated a grand scheme to show her how her logic is failed.

He started off by gaining her trust, reeling her in close for the kill…

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He kept coaxing her, getting her to agree with her original, arbitrary, point of how “short dudes” are the worst.

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Too bad we don’t know this woman’s details anymore, it would be so fun to troll her. But alas we just have to live through janmayeno’s words of inspiration…

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Honestly this girl seems like she would have kept agreeing with him about anything anti-short dudes. In a world of negative news all the time, she needed to get her thought in check, so he kept on…

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After another couple messages of false security he struck…

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BOOOOMMMM!! Drop the mic, it’s over folks! Not like it was that hard to flip this girl’s logic at all though…

Safe to say she wasn’t too happy with the change of tone…

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Commenters on Reddit went crazy with the savagery that they had just witnessed. Some comments read:

“I love how you made fantastic small-talk and peaked her interest before pointing out what a bitch she is.”

“Idk where you’re at where 5’7 is tall for a woman, but I’m 5’11 and trust me: it’s no issue to date shorter guys. Honestly I feel bad whenever ladies say they rule out a guy because of something so arbitrary.”

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Reddit really brings people together, especially with this last comment.

“As a guy that’s only 5’3″, I would love to shake your hand, hug you, and call you brother.”

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So here’s to the short, tall, skinny or fat people out there…you are loved! Who cares about the annoying trolls on the internet, just look for someone that makes you happy!