These Are The Most Stressful Jobs In America

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Everyone thinks their job is the most stressful, but now we have figures to back it up!

Jobs platform CareerCast recently assessed various professions for their physical demands, travel, hazards, the possibility of death, deadline, competition and more. These factors were also measured against growth potential and income and adjusted accordingly for a resulting score.

It’s no surprised that police officers, airplane pilots and enlisted military personnel scored high — but other jobs, like event coordinators and taxi drivers also made the top 10.

See below for the full ranked list.

Did your job make the cut?


Stress score: 47.93

Taxi driver

Stress score: 48.18

Public relations executive

Stress score: 48.50

Corporate executive (senior)

Stress score: 48.56

Newspaper reporter

Stress score: 49.90

Event coordinator

Stress score: 51.15

Police officer

Stress score: 51.68

Airline pilot

Stress score: 60.54


Stress score: 72.64

Enlisted military

Stress score: 72.74

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