Dog’s Favorite Toy Gets Discontinued But The Internet Found A Way To Make Him Happy

Whomever says that dogs don’t have amazing memories are very wrong. They remember many things, maybe not the things you want them to remember…but their brains are working overtime sometimes.

That was the case for Jaxon, a 12 year old Chihuahua. He has this favorite toy and anyone who has the same can relate to him. Okay maybe not a toy, but a favorite coffee cup or snack you can relate to right?

Image Via Kelli Brown

Well Jaxon had one toy that he was just in love with. It was a little plush green alligator that was basically like his best friend. They did everything together and it didn’t matter that there were a million other toys in the house. This one was his favorite.

Image Via Kelli Brown

His owner, Kelli Brown told The Dodo of how he first got his paws on the toy they had affectionately nicknamed, “Greenie”:

“He was adopted from our local shelter on December 8, 2014, and I put one of these toys in his stocking the first year we had him (our other dog got the red version — which was a dragon).

And this has just always been the only toy he’s ever played with!”

Image Via Kelli Brown

When our puppers play with a particular toy, they eventually have to get replaced. My dog loves this donut and I have to replace it about every two weeks. It’s kinda like Jaxon’s alligator where he won’t play with anything else…

Well one day Jaxon had to part with one of his “Greenies” and Brown needed to replace it. So she went to her local pet store, and to her dismay they had discontinued the toy!

So she tweeted a cry for help on Twitter…

It read:

“PLZ HELP! This Top Paw toy has been discontinued but it’s the only toy 12 y/o Jaxon will play with,” Brown wrote in a tweet to PetSmart. “Got any laying around? We’ll buy them all up if you’ll let us! Our internet search brought us no luck. Very sad boy here!!”

And of course the Sherlock Holmes’s of the internet sprung into action!

People tweeted back look-a-likes of Greenie but Jaxon was able to spot a fake…

She wrote back though…

“We’ve tried other green toys over the years, he won’t have anything to do with them. And there was a red & yellow version of his fave toy (a dragon!) same size, same fabric, just a different color and no dice. What a weirdo, lol.”

Image Via Kelli Brown

But it’s okay because one Twitter user came through…big time!!

The Twitter user asked an employee’s of Petsmart Facebook group and had no luck and figured to look in one last spot…the clearance bin in the back that had been forgotten about.

And guess what?!

Image Via Kelli Brown


They said:

“I actually squeaked audibly when I found the clearance toy bin in the back where they were tucked away. I immediately told my manager, ‘These are the toys I’ve been looking for for my Chihuahua friend in Kentucky!”

Image Via Kelli Brown

They gathered around 7 or 8 of the toys and asked Brown if Jaxon had a favorite treat and sent off the care package to them!

Brown tweeted that she was, “Happy to say the power of the internet came through BIG TIME. He is so happy right now … thank you all.”

Image Via Kelli Brown