Police Are Warning Everyone About This License Plate Scam That Everyone Is Falling For

Let’s be honest, getting pulled over sucks. I’ve personally never been pul…I’m actually not going to say that for karma reasons. You get the drift.

It would be even worse to be pulled over by a fake cop or a scam artists like these fellows. Fishers Police Department in Indiana was alerted to this and wants everyone to know that they shouldn’t trust trucks like this.

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Two men were following this woman in their car. As they pulled up to her window, they waved a license plate at her and tried to get her attention. They signaled as if the plate was hers and it had fallen off her vehicle.

Thankfully she had memorized her license plate and she knew they were conning her. She didn’t stop and definitely sped away.

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She called the police later on that day and let them know what happened. They then posted about it on their Facebook page and in total the post has over 16,000 interactions on it.

Take a look:

“Suspicious Activity Alert in the area of 116th St/Allisonville Rd Fishers, Indiana. Occurred yesterday, a female driving south when two men in a powder blue small size pick-up truck(loud exhaust) pulled up alongside her.

The male passenger got her attention and told her she had lost her license plate. He held up a license plate pretending it belonged to the female.

Thankfully the female knew her license plate number and recognized that she was in danger. She did not pull over, but continued driving.

If you are approached in this manner please call 911 immediately. Please Share!”

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If this happens to you, definitely call the police first. You wouldn’t want to call a friend or family member just in case the other car or people see you. They could get spooked and who knows what they are capable of.

Which leads me to my next point of…

Even if this type of scam doesn’t happen to you, be careful of other weird drivers. The only person that should be trying to pull you over is a police officer with a proper working police car.

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A woman from Chesterfield, Virginia had this happen to her. A person was driving an unmarked police car with flashing lights and it pulled her over one day.

You know in the movies how they flash their badge, well there’s a reason for that. They have to let you know who they are and have proper identification.

It was a highly trafficked area and this could have happen to anyone including to senior citizens or kids due to their being a senior home and school nearby.

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This isn’t just an American problem too! This account of a fake officer happens across the pond in England.

After another woman reported an unmarked car with lights, the real police reported this:

“The driver of the vehicle pulled over and one man, not wearing a police uniform walked towards the car. The member of public immediately drove off and was unharmed.”

So moral of the story?

Don’t trust anyone trying to pull you over unless they are real police. Also maybe don’t try and pull a GTA move on the real guys, just the fake ones.