Poor Kitten Born With A Rare Extra Set Of Ears, Finds The Best Forever Home For Him

I’m not a huge fan of cats, so please don’t @ me, but this one is actually pretty cute. He looks like he doesn’t want to kill all the humans and that’s the only type of cat I trust.

Meet Frankie, a kitty-cat from Geelong, Australia, which is just outside of Melbourne. He was a kitten lost in the world until rescuers found him and his brother in an abandoned house. When they saw Frankie, their mouths dropped.

Frankie had an extra set of ears as well as a deformed eye, but he still was the sweetest kitten.

Image Via Georgia Anderson’s Instagram

Frankie and his brother arrived at Geelong Animal Welfare Society with a whole bunch of fanfare. The word grew quickly about Four-Ears, and everyone wanted to see him. One of the volunteers, Georgia Anderson, was especially curious about him.

She told The Dodo:

“I’d heard that a kitten with four ears had come in and was in the vet clinic waiting for surgery to remove his eye, so I went up to have a look at him.”

Image Via Georgia Anderson’s Instagram

The two instantly clicked. When she went to pet him, he purred and rubbed his face on her. She was expecting opposite, especially after the traumatic event that he had just gone through.

She also said:

“He would have been in a lot of pain, but the first thing he did when I picked him up was purr and rub his face on mine. I told the girls in the vet clinic that I would foster him for recovery after his eye removal.”

She told the clinic that she would foster the franken-kitten, but she knew this would be a very hard kitten to part with at the end.

Image Via Georgia Anderson’s Instagram

When Anderson brought Frankie home, his happy go-lucky attitude didn’t change. She also had three other cats at home, Toothless, Mina and Lucius Malfoy, and a beagle pupper named Dudley.

Safe to say it was a full house.

Image Via Georgia Anderson’s Instagram

As Frankie’s eye healed over time, he wasn’t done with his recovery just yet. As many cats that have problems like the four ears, there were other concerns.

Frankie had an overbite that would have to be worked on later in life. Whoever took him forever would have to take good care of him…

Image Via Georgia Anderson’s Instagram

She continued to say:

“We are still waiting for his adult teeth to grow (roughly another five months), but when they do, his lower canines will need removing.

If they aren’t removed, they will cause damage to his palate when he closes his mouth. His upper canines should be able to remain, but they are probably going to hang out of his mouth like little vampire teeth.”

She tried to give Frankie an eye-patch, but he just shrugs it off.

For now Anderson still has Frankie and I’m not salty or anything but Frankie has more Instagram followers than me. Follow his journey to recovery there!