Circuses Are Finally Banning The Use Of Wild Animals By 2020

Finally, it has officially happened!

The British Government has announced that circus animals will be banned from all future circus performances and shows. Following a public consultation, in which 94.5% of the public said they would wholly support such a ban, Westminster has FINALLY followed in the steps of their neighbors, Scotland.

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The Scots officially banned the use of circus animals last year, with the move is hoping to combat the widespread abuse, neglect, & maltreatment of animals confined to the punishing world of the circus.

From startling unsanitary conditions, to brutally enforced labour through punishment, starvation and incarceration, the vast majority of its citizens had enough of the arcane and primitive use of animals in a dying form of entertainment.

However, outside of animals that have been rescued on a more widespread basis, like elephants and lions, there remains many animal still cruelly entertaining crowds of British circus-goers, such as six reindeer, four zebras, three camels, three raccoons, a zebu cattle, a macaw and a fox.

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Well over half of UK local authorities have already pledged their commitment to back the refusal that bars circuses from utilizing animals to perform in their boroughs.

World-wide, more than 40 different countries spanning the globe, including most of Europe, Latin America and several Asian countries, have outlawed the old and musty notion of enslaving animals to entertain grinning and jeering patrons of the circus.

Thankfully, DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) have finally followed in those countries footsteps. In 2012, according to The Welfare of Wild Animals In Traveling Circuses (England) Regulations, their provisions read:

“The Government intends to ensure a legislative ban on the use of wild animals in traveling circuses is in place by the time the Regulations expire in January 2020.

The Government does not intend to renew the regulations as it intends to ensure that a legislative ban is introduced by then. The regulations will then be allowed to expire.”

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A spokeswoman for DEFRA said in a written statement:

“We remain absolute in our commitment to banning wild animals in circuses and intend to introduce the ban prior to the regulations expiring in January 2020.

Until we are able to achieve this, we will impose the strictest possible standards to ensure the welfare needs of these animals are met.”

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The ban will only apply in England and not in Northern Ireland or Wales, as the issue devolves over time.

Speaking in terms of history, wild animals were caught and tamed in the most horrible ways for circuses throughout the 20th century, from the racist and cruel P. T. Barnum’s “Greatest Show on Earth” to the Ringling Brothers’ circus which gave its final performance, that involved an out-of-touch 12 minute tiger act, back in the halcyon days of May 2017.

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Sparking a maelstrom of controversy, their head trainer credited the circus with raising and caring for eleven generations of big cat (not unlike the great unveiling of the hidden & inhumane practices at Sea World) others were very happy to see the practice end for good.

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Hopefully this marks the end of the cruelty being brought to many animals in the world.

Maybe we will stop also supporting artistic hatchet job movies like The Greatest Showman, since they do nothing to help advance the world as it is today, and instead promote a false-history and a series of lies.

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The world is changing for our fellow animals, and we’re glad Britain is finally doing something about it.