This Optical Illusion Of A Man Walking On Water Has The Internet Freaking Out

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No, it’s not Photoshop. And no he’s not Jesus.

A photograph of a man taking a stroll on a super-clear frozen lake in Michigan has gone viral.

Andre Poineau, 63, has ventured onto Lake Charlevoix while frozen before. It’s right next to his cottage at Springwater Beach in Boyne City.

He thought the lake would have a good freeze last Saturday, but when he went down to have a look, he found the lake completely frozen, and eerily clear.

The lake was so clear, in fact, that Poineau said when he took a shovel on his walk to test the ice, there were no bubbles or cracks to indicate thinner areas within the ice sheet.

By chopping a hole in the ice, Poineau was unnerved to find it was 2 inches thick.

He then took to Facebook where he shared a photo of him standing on the ice.

And for Poineau, the most puzzling part of the story is the overwhelming response he’s received from the internet since posting the photograph.

“The most interesting part is how quickly it’s gone completely viral,” the 63-year-old architect told MLive. “I posted it on my Facebook and I have a hundred or so followers. Next thing I know, it’s on Reddit, and from there it went to’s Facebook.”

“To this minute, it keeps rolling at like 1,200 shares an hour.”

The photo has since been shared over 50,000 times on Facebook and Reddit.

“There’s so many comments on Reddit that are saying it’s Photoshopped,” Poineau said. “People are taking my image and playing with it. Initially (with the commenters) it was astonishment, but then they settled into conspiracy theories.”

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