The Internet Can’t Believe That This Woman Had Her Mother-In-Law Be Her Surrogate

Starting a family can be one of the most difficult things a couple can do. It always seemed so easy right? You and your partner get “in the mood for love”, have a little sexy time, and nine months later, a child is born.

Take a normal couple like Kayla and Cody Jones.

The Jones’ were beyond ready to start a family once they had set their minds to it.

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Unfortunately, Kayla previously had a partial hysterectomy back when she was a teenager, barring her the natural ability to carry children. The couple, who hail from Arkansas, had been searching for their perfect and right surrogate since they got married back in the days of 2012.

After a few options didn’t work out, they took a very different kind of offer, and accepted an offer from Cody’s mom, Patty Resecker, who stepped up to carry their baby.

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Nope you didn’t read that wrong – the baby’s eventual grandmother was going to be the carrier for the gestational period.

For those of you playing at home and are unaware of what a gestational carrier actually is, well…its the proper term for a woman who carries a baby made from another woman’s egg. Meanwhile a surrogate is someone who carries a baby made from her own egg for another couple.

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Kayla, 29, told the website Love That Matters:

“At first I thought the doctors may think we were crazy, but as I researched I found other grandmothers who had been surrogates. After much testing, my mother-in-law was cleared to carry our baby!”

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The couple had an embryo transferred into Resecker’s uterus in March 2017, but it didn’t take, after undergoing an in vitro fertilization egg retrieval in October 2016.

In May 2017, they retrieved a second embryo. As luck prevailed, this time Resecker became pregnant at age 50.

Kayla and Cody were able to do the initial at-home pregnancy test themselves, stating:

“The day we found out was the second best day of my life (the first best day was the day Kross was born!).

Patty left a urine sample in a specimen cup on her porch before she left for work.

I picked it up and my husband and I tested at home. I cannot describe the feeling of seeing two pink lines!”

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The pregnancy went well and Kross Allen Jones was born on Dec. 30 via c-section.

The son’s mother said that carrying her own grandchild for her son and daughter-in-law was a “privilege”, as well as being one of the single-most rewarding experiences of her life. “This is something that has blessed not only me and my family, but also Kayla’s family,” she said.

A child is a lifetime commitment and I knew there weren’t two more deserving people than them. To see them with Kross and see the parents they’re already becoming thrills my soul.

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Just over a month old, the newborn Kross is thriving, as the now very close family reports. The couple’s mother/mother-in-law recovered from her pregnancy and surgery and is apparently enjoying her newfound role as the mother and grandmother of a child named Kross.