This Halo Eyebrow Trend Is Already The Worst Internet Beauty Trend Of 2018

Some internet trends are awesome, I feel like it all started with the Harlem Shake back in February of 2013 (yeah I looked it up for certainty). Since then, we have had good challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge but we have had idiot challenges like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and of course the most recent Tide Pod Challenge.

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Do we have one person to blame for all this internet nonsense? Well if you are being lazy we can just blame Logan Paul because he sucks. Or we can blame whoever first coined the term clickbait, either way we will always have dumb people doing dumb stuff. Case and point? This halo brow nonsense.

Meet Hannah Lyne. She’s a beauty blogger which basically means she thinks of outrageous things to do and waits to see what sticks. This was so outrageous, how couldn’t it work? She uploaded another image and had the caption of “Comment ur age, I’m 16😌.” Well that makes a little more sense right? This sounds about right with the tide pod eaters of the world.

Honestly people have been just trying different eyebrow trends for years and for some reason they didn’t stick. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just not attractive to say have a imaginary unibrow above your normal brows. What do I know though, I’m not a 16 year old “beauty blogger.”

But don’t just take my opinion! Check out some of the comments that equally agree with my reaction.

“Omfg why did you think this was a good idea”

“Looks like airport runway lol”

If you want to see more of Hannah and her next beauty “trend” take a look at her Instagram here.

Of course there were some internet warriors that defended her, telling her you do you…but let’s be honest she has to just be trolling us all for views right? Let’s take a look at past failed brow-enhancement “trends.”

We had the Nike Swoosh eyebrow look, that just screams, “YEAH I TOTALLY KNOW SPORTS STUFF!”

Then we had the almost attractive peacock brows…

These should only be acceptable if you are going to a Great Gatsby party or if you are trying to court an actual peacock.

We have these barbwire themed brows. Honestly this might be the next look one of the Orange Is The New Black ladies might be rocking next season!

Now if you are a Game Of Thrones fan or just love Yoshi a lot…these next set of brows are for you. Since we have to wait literal years probably for the next GoT season, we might just have to rock these more often to hold us over.

This next one might just be as dumb as the halo nonsense. If you are trying to go for the “I’m perpetually confused all the time” look, these “Squiggle Brows” are for you! Also maybe if you are a henchman for The Riddler in Batman, these maybe your thing.

Honestly, can we just agree to be normal with these trends? Nobody cares about your halo aka unibrow on steroids.