After Selfless Act Of Helping A Disabled Customer Went Viral, This Teen Got A $16,000 Scholarship

Working in the food industry can be rough. You have to deal with idiots and drunks and sometimes idiotic drunk people. There’s always a women named Karen asking to speak to the manager. Really, there’s not many great things about the job, but everyone should have to do it for a year of their lives.

Meet Evoni ‘NeeNee’ Williams, an 18-year-old from Texas. She works at a local Waffle House to save up money for college.

One day one of her “regular customers,” Adrian Charpentier, came in and was looking for some delicious food. Another customer took this picture and posted the following comments on Facebook:

Image Via Facebook

“I don’t know her name but I heard this elderly man tell her his hands don’t work too good. He was also on oxygen and struggling to breathe.

Without hesitation, she took his plate and began cutting up his ham. This may seem small but to him, I’m sure it was huge. I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative. If we could all be like this waitress & take time to offer a helping hand…. #wafflehouse #kindness #givingback #offerlove #bekind #goodnews”

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Now normally we would see a bunch of likes and comments of praise and that would be the end of the story. But not yet! Of course there were all the viral likes and such, but something better and more real happened to Evoni!

Image Via ABC

Now this would only happen in a small Waffle House town, but the town mayor Bobby Hocking and Texas Southern University heard about the good deed and knew that it couldn’t go unnoticed.

They cut her a check, like the ones lottery winners get, for $16,000. Now Evoni had $4,000 to use for school on top of what she had been making at Waffle House. Honestly I’m surprised Waffle House didn’t match the donation. It’s not like you hear much from their PR team unless there’s some NSFW business going on.

Image Via ABC

Wendell Williams, assistant to the principal at Texas Southern University had this to say as she handed the check over:

“Your act of gratitude and your act of service to someone else is exactly the type of student that we want at Texas Southern University.”

Count that as the best way ever to get a scholarship!

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So what else did the Mayor have in store for Evoni? Well nothing much must happen around La Marque, Texas because March 8th was officially declared ‘Evoni “NeeNee” Williams Day!’ Yeah they must have a lot of those days to give out.

Evoni doesn’t have to wait anymore to go to school too! She will be attending TSU in the fall with her new scholarship money!

Image Via ABC