Most Loyal Dog Ever Refuses To Leave The Hospital Where His Owner And Best Friend Passed Away At

Dogs are the most loving creatures we know out there. They have the purest of hearts and always just want to give more love. That’s the story of this dog who doesn’t understand where his owner has gone to, and bring out the Kleenex for this one.

Cristine Sardella came to her local hospital in Brazil when she saw a dog that was outside the doorway to the hospital. He was surprisingly polite, letting people pass him and moving when he needed to. It was peculiar to Sardella, she thought he was waiting for someone but they never came.

She decided to ask the hospital staff what was going on with him.

Image Via Cristine Sardella

They told her that he had belonged to a homeless man who had come to the hospital a couple months prior. He had been stabbed in the park, and after the ambulance came to get him the dog chased after the sirens.

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After going inside, the dog stayed right where he is till today, the last place he saw his best friend.

Sardella told The Dodo:

“It’s sad to know that he will never see his owner again and will not understand what happened. The only thing left is to wait at the last place where he saw him.”

Image Via Cristine Sardella

Since the dog parking himself outside the hospital, staff have been bringing him food and water. Sardella wanted to do something but she already had a couple dogs of her own.

She posted this on Facebook:

It roughly translates to:

“We have a lot to learn from animals. This dog stays every day at the door of the Santa Casa de novo horizonte waiting for its owner who unfortunately passed away. I hear it’s powered by some people.

Waiting for him is in vain, but the love he nurture for the owner is eternal. I also observe the respect that the officials of the holy house have for him. And so follow life, animals teaching men true love.”

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The post got a bit of attention and a dog rescue came to try and save the day. But then something even crazier happened, once they got him to a rescue shelter, he escaped.

Sardella explained that, “He fled across the city. He walked over 3 kilometers and returned to the hospital.”

Image Via Cristine Sardella

Now he’s still at the door of the hospital. An employee has agreed to adopt him once the time’s right but it seems like he’s there to stay for now. They are still feeding and bring the pup water. As he gets more comfortable with the hospital staff, they intend to take him to the veterinarian to get him checked out.

The hospital director, Osvaldo Sobrinh, told The Dodo that, “He will have a very affectionate home with our employee.”

Image Via Cristine Sardella