Mother Says That This Teething Gel Made Her Toddler Literally Stop Breathing

It’s the worst for parents when their baby is teething and they can’t do anything about it. I’m glad I can’t remember the pain of my teeth coming in, that would be awful.

Parents try everything to make the pain stop for their child and this mother tried the “#1 Teething Brand” and apparently that was a bad choice.

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Meet Danielle Kapetanovic, who was trying out Orajel’s nighttime teething gel for her 15-month old daughter Chloe.

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Danielle says that she only put a “pea-sized amount” on her gums and almost instantly she stopped breathing and wasn’t responding to anything. Her husband Mike called 911 and she began CPR to keep their little girl alive.

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She wrote in a Facebook post:

“Chloe immediately turned red, started kicking, got one or two screams in, and 10-15 seconds after the Orajel touched her gums she became unresponsive. Her eyes locked in a dead stare, she became limp and stopped breathing. She turned blue. I grabbed her and put her against my body, hitting her back trying to wake her up, but no response.”

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She continued onto say:

“I ran her down the hall to my bed and lied her down and began breathing into her mouth as Mike called 911. Thankfully she woke up and started screaming and crying after maybe 15-20 seconds in total, which felt like an eternity.

The ambulance arrived and EMT’s checked her out and determined she was okay.”

This was certainly a scary situation for Danielle and her husband but apparently it happens way too often with this Orajel nonsense. She went on to say in her post:

“Unfortunately I did not know this in advance, but there are many other parents out there who have experienced the exact same occurrence with their own children when using Baby Orajel.

I found online posts dating back to 2008 from parents with literally the same experience – their baby became unresponsive in seconds, went limp, turned blue, became responsive again after 15 seconds or so – it was like someone wrote my same experience.

What’s more, I learned the FDA warns against giving babies Benzocaine – the active ingredient in Baby Orajel.”

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So why is this product actively being given to babies? In some countries, it’s apparently been banned.

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She concluded her post with a call to action and since sharing it’s gotten over 100,000 shares:

“At this time I do not know conclusively what caused my daughter’s reaction. Yes, common sense dictates that what happened to my daughter will not happen to every baby, but it could happen to any baby. If the labeling of this product strikes you as misleading, I ask you to take action.

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, a consumer advocacy agency such as NACA, or the consumer affairs department of your Attorney General’s Office. We have to change the advertising in order to protect our babies.”