Runners Hear Some Rustling Leaves, Moments Later They Are Saving Five Puppy’s Lives

Dogs can show up into our lives at any time. One time a buddy and I were driving down the backroads of Illinois and we found a pupper in the woods. It happens all the time, but it seems like Ashley Blake and her running partner Joshua Scott found a few more pups than one!

They were out running along a trail in Tennessee, and were already six miles into their run through Frozen Head State Park when they heard something. Was it Bigfoot? Was it Hillary Clinton wandering the woods again?

Blake told The Dodo:

“It was just a little rustling that caught us. It’s usual to hear forest critters, and that’s what we expected. We turned and saw this black pile.”

Image Via Ashley Blake

Did I just hear your heart drop? Yes, yes I did.

They two took a few steps towards the black pile and finally realized what it was!

“It was five puppies huddled together. It was close to freezing temperatures and they were trying to stay warm. As trail runners, you see a lot of wildlife, but never puppies.”

They probably thought it was a black bear cub (I have no idea if they are in Tennessee don’t @ me) but were pleasantly surprised to see the little puppies huddling for warmth.

Image Via Ashley Blake

Blake and Scott called the Park Ranger to help out. And then they started to cuddle the doggos to keep them warm.

“They were terrified and crying. They settled down once they realized we weren’t going to harm them and we were warm.”

The ranger eventually came with a truck to help out with the puppies and shortly they figured out that the puppies didn’t just happen to be there. Sadly the ranger confirmed to Scott and Blake that this wasn’t the first time he had seen this.

They said:

“They were dumped without food, water, blanket or mother. The park ranger said this isn’t the first time pups have been dumped at this spot.”

Image Via Ashley Blake
Image Via Ashley Blake

Blake continued to tell The Dodo:

“We finished our run with renewed energy over the excitement of what had all just happened. A true animal rescue. I don’t doubt for a second they would have frozen that night or become prey for the wild critters.”

They couldn’t stop thinking about the pups they had rescued though and decided to go see them later that day at the ranger’s house. He was keeping there that day until they had a arranged a rescue shelter to pick them up.

Image Via Ashley Blake

Scott decided to keep a pup that they had saved, but sadly couldn’t keep them all. Eventually the four others went to Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. They are currently looking for their forever homes. Thank goodness that they had the opportunity to do so!

Take a look at Winky, Willow, Winnie and Wendy!

Image Via Oak Ridge Shelter
Image Via Oak Ridge Shelter

If you are in the Tennessee area, I’m sure these pups would be the perfect addition to your family!