6 Reasons Kissing Is Good For Your Health

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For many people, kissing can be the start of something new or the complete opposite. It can tell you a lot about a person, who you are, and how you are together. It can tell you about your future, and if it’s going to include the other kisser or not.

We can all agree on the emotional and mental benefits of kissing. A spark, a fun time, a great end to an even better date.

But what about the physical perks? It’s been found that kissing has a slew of health benefits — the list is enough for you to forget about mono anytime soon.

1. It fights cavities

Break out those pearly whites, because kissing is known to rid your mouth of bacteria and plaque. Your dentist would be proud.

2. It makes you look younger

It’s a muscle workout. If you’re one of those who duck-faces in every selfie, you don’t even have to kiss to know this. Making out is a natural facelift because of all the muscle tightening.

3. It reduces blood pressure by getting your heart going

Your blood vessels dilate – maybe that’s why you feel your heart pounding before you go in for a big smooch.

4. It can get rid of headaches or cramps for the same reason

5. Burning calories

If the kiss is really passionate, it can burn 2 calories a minute….better than the treadmill any day.

6. Kissing as meditation

As in, namaste. It’s a natural stress reliever. It helps you connect with the other person, which yields to your wellbeing and relationships.

Furthermore, aside from a plethora of other biological reasons, kissing is just plain ole fun. That’s a reason in and of itself, right?

Pucker up!

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