Salvation Army Just Opened A Non-Profit Grocery Store That Will Dramatically Change People’s Lives

Eating healthy is hard these days. With a plethora of fast food options out there it’s hard to want to even be healthy. Why would you when you can get crappy food very fast and very cheap?

Well someone is finally doing something about making food from the grocery store more affordable. Salvation Army, you know the guys behind your favorite thrift store finds, is making it happen.

According to the USDA, 17.3 million low-income families don’t live near a grocery store that’s in walking distance. Meanwhile it feels like there’s a dollar menu every block you turn.

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Salvation Army knows that this is a problem so that’s why they just introduced a new type of store in Baltimore, Maryland. They are looking to launch these stores which they are calling DMG Foods, in food deserts. No, that’s not a meal made out of ice cream, it’s places that lack fresh fruit and veggies.

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DMG stands for “Do More Good” and this first one is a 7,000 square foot warehouse. Here they have all the normal things that are in a grocery store, but much more affordable for these families. It’s not just getting affordable food to these people, it also provided 15 jobs for the people of Baltimore.

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It’s not just a traditional grocery store though, they also provide uniquely combining workforce-development programs, supplemental benefits, cooking demonstrations and more!

Here’s more of what they had to say via a press release:

“This program is committed to offering exceptional values to the public through their weekly ads and their loyalty program. In addition to in-house savings, customers that self-identify as government assistance recipients, via online or kiosk registration, qualify for complimentary food items, once a month.”

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The store will be open to anyone that wants to shop there but of course it’s purpose is for the lower income families. The prices will be lower than the normal grocery store though.

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Gene Hogg, The Salvation Army’s area commander, told The Shelby Report that their primary goal for the new type of store is to “present a sustainable model that engages the community in order for them to eat healthier, smarter, cheaper and all of that.”

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Baltimore’s Mayor was there for the grand opening Tweeting:

“Honored to cut the ribbon on the new DMG Foods! Congratulations to the @salvationarmy on their first non-profit grocery store! #DMGFoods #SalvationArmy #MyBmore #MovingBaltimoreForward #MayorPugh”

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Wanna see the store but don’t live in Baltimore? Check the video out below!

Salvation Army plans to keep opening more DMG Stores as this one continues to grow and learn!