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Scared Rescue Pup With No Hair When He Was First Found Transforms Into The Cutest Furball


It’s so sad to see dogs when they are down and out like this little pupper. Good news with this story though, he makes a complete transformation from the first picture you’re about to see.

We find ourselves in Tijuana, Mexico for this doggo and Karla Solis found him trembling underneath a car. He was in bad shape with his hair matted and looked this from starvation. Good thing Karla found him or who knows what would have happened.

Image Via Becky Moder

The pup also had tick-borne infections plus you could see his pelvic bones due to being so skinny and he was in dire need of a vet.

Image Via Becky Moder

Karla brought him to the vet and they found even worse things wrong with the doggo. He had Ehrlichia, which is a very bad tick-induced illness, plus an unknown mass in his abdomen.

Karla got in contact with Becky Moder who is a dog rescuer who helps pups in Mexico and gets them to shelters in the United States. They began raising funds to help the dog get through the vet bills, when the crowdfunding effort didn’t hit it’s mark Moder paid for the vet bills herself.

Image Via Becky Moder

To everyone’s surprise the pup, who they named Elliot, started to see progress from the treatments. He finally started to come back to his true self.

Image Via Becky Moder

He began to grow beautiful fur and you would have never known it was the same dog from earlier. He made a miraculous recovery. After Elliot was almost fully healed, they began making his trip from Mexico to San Diego. He was officially an American dog-izen.

Image Via Becky Moder

Elliot was now looking for his forever home, and it was coming sooner than he would think. Kim Forrest and her partner saw him at “The Barking Lot” (great name for a rescue by the way). Fittingly, they were looking for an older dog due to their busy schedules.

Image Via Kim Forrest

If I had those stipulations and came across Elliot, I would have thought I hit the dog lotto! He transformed into such a beautiful dog, overcoming all the odds!

In an interview with The Dodo Kim said:

“We got to meet him and walk him and he was such a gentle lead. I think that’s really what got us. He was very calm-tempered, he didn’t bark and he was super-duper friendly … He was a very happy dog.”

Image Via Kim Forrest

Once they got home, Elliot changed his name to Asher he had found his forever home for sure. It was a long journey from Tijuana to California, but he did it!

He was still emotionally recovering from his previous days in Mexico. It was difficult to get him to jump up on the couch. But as he did with all things, he came through.

Image Via Kim Forrest

She concluded with The Dodo:

“When we first got him, we didn’t think he wanted to play at all. We had bought him all these toys, and if you took a squeaky toy and squeaked it at him, he would look at you like you’re crazy.

But as time went on, we realized that he really just likes my stuffed animals. He started to take my teddy bears, and now he loves to play with anything that doesn’t have a squeaker or sound. It’s his favorite thing.”

Image Via Kim Forrest

Kim and her partner have been thinking about getting Asher a cat friend because she’s, “pretty sure he’d be a good brother.” But then again he likes being an only child too!