This Is What Caffeine Does To Your Body

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Whether your poison is coffee, tea or soda, you’re still drinking one important component — caffeine.

But do you know what the stimulant actually does to your body?

If you drink too much caffeine, doctors say it can interfere with bone growth. That’s because the stimulant stunts the body’s ability to ingest calcium.

Too much caffeine can be a problem if you’re trying to get pregnant. The mayo clinic says that large amounts of caffeine can alter your body’s production of estrogen.

Coffee doesn’t actually help you get rid of a hangover. One study found that when drunk rats consumed caffeine it had no effect on their drunken state.

Caffeine excites our brain cells, which sends a chain reaction through the body that eventually floods the body with adrenaline.

If you drink caffeine, you probably have a better memory. Research shows that caffeine helps information “stick” in our brains, making it easier for us to remember something from the past.

Caffeine can also ward off against some diseases. Scientists say that some caffeine intake can protect you from developing type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and other diseases.

So the bottom line: it’s okay to drink your morning cup of coffee, tea or soda, just in moderation.

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