12 Items You Should Always Buy At A Drugstore

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Sometimes it seems like you can’t drive a mile or walk a block without hitting a drugstore, and for good reason.

Drugstores these days stock everything from health food to holiday decorations.

The benefit of most drugstores is their low prices on the majority of their items. It almost always seems like it makes more sense to run into a CVS to pick up shampoo and conditioner versus a beauty specialty store, or that you’ll get a better deal on a bag of chips than you would at your local grocery store.

But the truth is, not every item you find in a drugstore will end up scoring you a good deal. And some items that you probably wouldn’t think to hit your local Walgreens for are actually the items that you should be shopping for at the drugstore.

So how do you know what to leave on the shelves and what to pick up when you’re on your next drugstore run?

We rounded up the top 12 drugstore items that will always offer you a low price while assuring you good quality at the same time–many times name brand versions of these items are cheapest at a drugstore.

Here are the top 12 items you should always buy at a drugstore:

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Petroleum Jelly

Laundry Detergent


Garbage Bags

Holiday and Seasonal Decorations/Candy


Paper towels

Hair dye

Flu shot

Shampoo and conditioner

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