Despicable Man Moves To California And Leaves His Dog Behind But Rescuers Got There Just In Time

People really need to learn how to treat dogs right in 2018. If I had a super power, I think I would make it so dogs could talk, maybe then people would pay attention to their feelings and not just see them as a dog.

If this sweet pup, named Rubble, had been able to tell her owner some words, they might have been more NSFW. He left his home in Houston, Texas for California and left Rubble behind.

And no he didn’t leave her to another family, he left her like you leave an old fridge out for the garbage man. Yeah with no food or anything, Rubble was left in the dust.

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

Originally Rubble was bought for breeding purposes, but once she wasn’t able to perform those her owner didn’t see a reason to keep her. His family learned of his transgressions and called him repeatedly and didn’t get a response.

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So they reached out to the dog community of the area and looked for a rescue shelter. Luckily, Alyssa Aguilar came to the rescue along with her boyfriend.

At that point, Rubble was in bad shapes looking very skinny from malnourishment. Along with that, she had gotten a skin condition and had scabs all over her from trying to lick them. Rubble needs a vet immediately.

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

Aguilar told The Dodo:

“When I first saw her, I was in shock, then got angry. I just wanted to hug her and make her feel better. I was very upset that she was sleeping outside with her skin looking so bad. My heart broke for her.”

It seems like Aguilar was a human being, unlike Rubble’s previous owner. Aguilar went onto say, “Rubble was in great spirits. She came to smell us and let us pet her. She was such a friendly baby.”

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

Aguilar took Rubble to the vet as well as got in touch with her friend Laura Forma, who worked for “A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue.” They would eventually take Rubble in and care for her.

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

Once they got to the vet, they weighed her and she was a dismal 44 pounds. Bulldogs like her are supposed to be near 80 pounds! Rubble had a few things wrong with her but she got treatment immediately which started her road to recovery.

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

After the vet, Alyssa Staloch took Rubble to be her foster mom until she could find her forever home. Staloch said, “She is a very sweet girl who just wants to love. She doesn’t crawl in your lap, but she gets as close to you as possible and rests her head on you.”

So Rubble is just like us all then right?

Jessica Russell, founder and president of A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue also told The Dodo:

“She is in bad shape, but we know that she deserves a second chance to shine. At the end of the day, every dog deserves a chance.”

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue