Just 17 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs Before And After Their Adoptions To Make Your Heart Melt

Sometimes all we need is a dog in our lives. Or maybe like 17! That’s what we have hear today and these doggos start out sad but get super happy because they’ve been adopted! If you ever are thinking about getting a pup, make sure you get one from a shelter.

There are enough dogs getting bought and sold from breeders everyday, and way too many ending up in shelters. If you have any questions after seeing these dogs faces after being adopted, go here to the ASPCA and you can find a shelter in your area!

1. Teddy:

2. Star:

3. Rosie:

4. Laika:

5. Luca:

6. Pippin:

7. Jax:

8. Toby:

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9. Penny:

10. Ralphie:

11. Remy:

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12. Zoe:

13. Frank:

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14. Virginia:

15. Rufus:

16. Pillow:

17. Don: