19 April Fools Pranks That Won’t Make Your Friends And Co-Workers Totally Hate You

Now I know this says that’s it’s for April Fools day, but for me April Fools is like Christmas. It can be year round if you want it to be!

1. Hide a penny a day for the whole month of April in the same spot…or at least until they go crazy.

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2. Put googly eyes all over everything in your apartment

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3. Hide a walkie talkie in their closet and make animal or ghost noises in the middle of the night.

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4. Or hide battery powered alarm clocks all over the house.

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6. Leave a note on their car about damaging it…but obviously don’t actually hit their car.

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7. Print this out and leave it near the printer or copier, then sit back and watch Karen yell at the printer.

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8. Fill a mayonnaise jar with vanilla pudding and bring it to lunch in public.

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9. Screenshot their phone and delete all their apps and see how they handle life afterwards.

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10. Replace their entire closet with the kitchen supplies and put their clothes in the kitchen.

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11. Change a few words to different ones in the settings of their phone. To do this, follow:

Settings –> General –> Keyboard –> Text Replacement

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12. Basically anything to do with Nicholas Cage is a good April Fools prank, but leaving his face at the copier is equally terrifying and hilarious.

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13. Send them an image of the typing bubbles to drive them crazy for a few minutes.

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14. Sign their number up for text services like this Daily Llama image service.

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15. This one is pretty meta, just go buy a bunch of delicious donuts and put a “Happy April Fools Day” sign on them and watch as people try and figure out what you did to them.

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16. Hide a play snake in your fridge, or at the grocery store if you are feeling really crazy.

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17. Or bugs work too!

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18. Or maybe even go back to those donuts and fill em with ketchup after they figured out that they were fine to eat, DOUBLE WHAMMY!

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19. Finally just slash your enemy’s tires!

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