After Being Abandoned At The Vet, This Baby Bulldog Became Their Newest Employee

Originally this tiny puppy named Huck was bought from a breeder. But there was something a little bit off about him. He was able to get potty trained but it wasn’t even his fault.

His family at the time thought there was something much more off about him so they tried to take him back to the breeder but he didn’t take any returns. He did give the family a second bulldog pup so now they had two dogs, but didn’t know what to do with Huck.

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

That’s when they brought him to Harbor Point Animal Hospital. It’s a local vet and the family hoped they would know what to do with Huck. They originally brought their second puppy to the vet to get him checked out (why wouldn’t they take both?) and they mentioned Huck and his odd behavior.

Dr. Jamie Laity is the vet on duty and she said to bring Huck in and she’d take a look at him. After a thorough exam and x-rays, Dr. Laity thought that Huck had spina bifida.

According to the Mayo Clinic, spina bifida is:

“A birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly.”

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

The family sadly didn’t want Huck and surrendered him to the animal hospital. Dr. Laity wanted a second opinion so she kept Huck over the weekend but during that time she couldn’t get enough of Huck. This is the reason why I could never be a vet, I would want all the animals.

She got the second opinion and her prognosis of spina bifida was correct. Next she made it official and adopted the fun loving Huck.

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

Amy Laity, Jamie’s wife, is the manager at Harbor Point and she told The Dodo:

“Dr. Laity couldn’t resist Huck and she and everyone at Harbor Point fell in love with him instantly. She couldn’t give him up and risk that he would end up in a home that couldn’t properly care for him, or even worse, end up euthanized.”

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

Since Dr. Laity is well you know, a vet, she was totally equipped with the skills to take care of Huck. He wears a diaper around and doesn’t seem to care at all. Honestly I think he sports it with class.

The staff at Harbor Point loves him, and he hangs out in the reception area during the day saying hi to everyone that comes through the door.

Amy continued to say:

“He loves trying to hop into the bathtub and seems to really enjoy the water. He has quickly learned to stand and hold still for his frequent diaper changes, and is a really good sport about wearing all of the silly outfits we put him in!”

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

He is currently in doggy day care, learning all the right skills to be a good boy. People that come in to the vet love him and they take selfies with him because he’s so dang cute!

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

Amy concluded:

“You really wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him if he didn’t have his diapers. He is a happy, healthy, playful puppy!”

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Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital